Clay Fask Masks

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Clay face masks can be an invaluable part of your face care regime. Used once a week the right mask can help to deep clean pores, slough off dead skin and infuse your face with beneficial minerals. We offer four different face masks so you can pick the one that best matches your skin type. We blend our masks with other ingredients, including powdered green tea, powdered honey, calamine, ground lavender flower. Once the dry ingredients are blended we add essential oils and mix them thoroughly. Each packet contains 30 gr. which is sufficient for three masks.

All you need to do is add about a tablespoon of the dry clay mix to a clean bowl and blend with warm water to create a smooth paste. Apply this to your skin either using your fingers or a brush and relax for 15-25 minutes as your mask does it’s work. A couple of drops of our facial serum massaged into the skin after the face mask makes an ideal treat for your face.

Gently Cleansing, Lavender and Geranium face mask. This mask is made with white clay, powdered honey, calamine, corn starch, ground lavender flower with lavender and geranium essential oils. This mask is the gentlest of the four and especially suited to dry skin.

SOLD OUT - Gently Softening, Ylang Ylang and Cedar Wood face mask. This mask is made with pink clay, white clay, powdered honey, calamine, corn starch and ylang ylang and cedar wood essential oils. The mask ideal for people with sensitive skin who want gentle oil and sebum removal.

SOLD OUT - Deep Cleansing Sandalwood and Orange face mask. This mask is made with green clay, powdered honey, green tea (for anti oxidants), corn starch and sandalwood and orange essential oils. This mask is excellent for oilier skin types with deep pore cleansing.

Charcoal and Green Clay Mask for Oily / Spot Prone Skin. This mask is made with green clay, charcoal, zinc oxide, corn starch and tea tree and lavender essential oils. This mask is also great for oilier skin types, the charcoal and zinc oxide both act to pull more sebum and oils from the skin, the antiseptic essential oils have been used to help reduce spots.